Messaging and Voice Channels

To make your assistant available on a messaging platform you need to provide credentials in a credentials.yml file. An example file is created when you run rasa init, so it’s easiest to edit that file and add your credentials there. Here is an example with Facebook credentials:

  verify: "rasa-bot"
  secret: "3e34709d01ea89032asdebfe5a74518"
  page-access-token: "EAAbHPa7H9rEBAAuFk4Q3gPKbDedQnx4djJJ1JmQ7CAqO4iJKrQcNT0wtD"

Learn how to make your assistant available on:

Testing Channels on Your Local Machine with Ngrok

You can use ngrok to create a connection to your local computer that is publicly available on the internet. You don’t need this when running Rasa on a server because, you can set up a domain name to point to that server’s IP address, or use the IP address itself.

After installing ngrok, run:

ngrok http 5005; rasa run

Your webhook address will look like the following:

  •<CHANNEL>/webhook, e.g.



With the free-tier of ngrok, you can run into limits on how many connections you can make per minute. As of writing this, it is set to 40 connections / minute.